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Over 70 Years of Representing the Farmers and Ranchers of Klamath Project

2:23 pm, Jun 14, 2024
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‘Take Immediate Action’

June 3, 2024

KWUA Responds with Support for Tri-Counties Call to Reclamation


In response to the Tri-Counties joint press release on ‘Water Reductions in the Klamath Basin Devastate Jobs and Local Economy,’ Klamath Water Users Association Executive Director Paul Simmons, said:

“Our communities are seriously injured by federal decisions that are not driven by prudent water management or science. The inadequate water allocations have real consequences for working families and the societies that support these producers.

“Now is the time to embrace the current hydrology and meet the needs of our communities by providing full water allocations.

“We join Supervisors from Siskiyou and Modoc Counties and the Commissioners from Klamath County in calling on ‘federal agencies to take immediate action to provide a full supply for the 2024 water year and adequate irrigation supplies into the future.’ At all levels, from the top down, we need to respect the economic and socioeconomic realities of those who depend on the Klamath Basin for our livelihoods.”

Tri-Counties press release:

Tri-Counties Economic Study_PR_FINAL

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