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Over 70 Years of Representing the Farmers and Ranchers of Klamath Project

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Member Districts

Our Member Districts

Explore the network of member districts that form the backbone of KWUA. Together, we champion the interests of farmers and ranchers, fostering a resilient and thriving agricultural community.

Advocating For Our Members

A Collective Force for Agricultural Prosperity

Tulelake Irrigation District

Position 1

KWUA Board Members

Brad Kirby

Gary Wright

Klamath Irrigation District

Position 2

KWUA Board Members

Dave Hamel

Rodney Cheyne

Klamath Drainage District

Position 3

KWUA Board Members

Tracey Liskey

Luther Horsley


Position 4

KWUA Board Members

Ty Kliewer

Mike Byrne

Shasta View ID & Malin ID

Position 5

KWUA Board Members

Nick Grounds

Rob Unruh


Position 6

KWUA Board Members

Justin Eary

Scott Seus

Van Brimmer, Westside & Sunnyside ID

Position 7

KWUA Board Members

 Mike McKoen

Marc Staunton

Pioneer District

Position 8

KWUA Board Members

Tricia Walker

Debbie Duncan

Klamath Basin Improvement District

Position 9

KWUA Board Members

Ryan Kliewer

Lane Roelle


Position 10

KWUA Board Members

Jeff Boyd

Paul Crawford


Position 11

KWUA Board Members

Ben DuVal

Kyle Staunton

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