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Over 70 Years of Representing the Farmers and Ranchers of Klamath Project

2:19 am, Jun 15, 2024
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Board Member Spotlight – Tracey Liskey

February 29, 2024

A fourth-generation farmer in the Klamath Basin, Tracey Liskey and his family have been involved in KWUA since the 1960’s. Liskey has served on the KWUA Board of Directors for six years and holds his first leadership role in the non-profit organization as the Board’s President.

Liskey farms upwards of 3,000 acres on the Klamath Project where he raises cattle and grain on his family farm. His farm is known as a geothermal park, with hot houses that raise organic vegetable, hemp, tilapia, and tropical fish.

Liskey also is a partner in “Gone Fishing,” a hatchery for endangered Lost River and Shortnose sucker fish native of Upper Klamath Lake. Together with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Gone Fishing works to raise fish from week old fry to three-year-old juveniles which are released back into the lake.

“The reason I farm is for the love of growing things and the way of life,” Liskey said. “I’ve always been outside with mother nature and her wildlife.”
Liskey has served on the Oregon Board of Agriculture, Oregon Governor’s Sustainability Board, Oregon Water Resources Department Policy Advisory Committee, 20-year Board Member of the Oregon Farm Bureau Federation, Klamath-Lake County Farm Bureau, and Oregon Fish Screening Task Force.

When not working his land or serving the agricultural community, Liskey loves to fish and enjoy time in the woods surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature.

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