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Over 70 Years of Representing the Farmers and Ranchers of Klamath Project

8:25 pm, Jun 14, 2024
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About Klamath Water Users Association

Klamath Water Users Association is an unwavering advocate for the interests of farmers and ranchers in the Klamath Basin. Since 1953, we have represented a community deeply rooted in agriculture with members spanning both Oregon and California.

Championing the Farmers and Ranchers of the Klamath Project

Nurturing Agriculture Since 1953

As a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA) has been the voice of family farms & ranches in the Klamath Reclamation Project (Project) for over seven decades. Our roots run deep in the community, dating over 115 years to the beginning of the Project in 1905.

We are loyal in our commitment to current and future generations of agricultural families.

KWUA members include rural and suburban irrigation districts, public agencies, and private individuals. These water users typically hold water delivery contracts with the United States Bureau of Reclamation. These members provide irrigation water to approximately 180,000 acres of exceptionally productive farm & ranch land in Klamath County, Oregon, and Modoc & Siskiyou Counties of California.

These lands, nourished by the waters of Upper Klamath Lake through the Project, produce a diverse range of high-quality agricultural products including alfalfa, hay, and beef cattle to cereal grains, potatoes, onions, and specialty crops.

In recent years, the region has also experienced an increase in dairy production and organic farming, showcasing its adaptability and commitment to sustainable practices.

Advocacy and Commitment

KWUA plays a vital role in advocating for farmers and ranchers. We focus on a range of issues affecting the interests of irrigated agriculture. Including but not limited to water management, water quality, and water policies. When necessary, we defend agriculture’s interests in litigation.

Our strategic approach emphasizes positive public relations, partnerships, and collaboration. While remaining active in all environments to ensure sustainable agricultural success.

The journey is complicated by the impacts of the Endangered Species Act, climate change, aging infrastructure, diverse stakeholder interests, and politicized water policies, and irrigation operations.

Yet, KWUA remains loyal in its mission; committed to partnering with federal, state, local agencies, tribes, and stakeholders to ensure balanced and effective water resources strategy.

KWUA is optimistic that a continued drive to build strong coalitions, partnerships with conservation groups, and streamlined public relations will lead the Klamath Basin into a future where all communities in the Klamath Basin can thrive.


KWUA is governed by an 11-member board (with 11 alternates) who are representatives from Klamath Project irrigation districts or community leaders.

The association employs an Executive Director and staff to execute the policy decisions made by the board.

KWUA holds monthly board meetings on the second Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, please contact the office at 541.883.6100.

Board of Director Officers - 2024
Tracey Liskey
Vice President
Jeff Boyd
Tricia Walker
Mike McKoen

Klamath Water Users Association Staff

Paul Simmons


Moss Driscoll

Director of
Water Policy

Brian Gailey

Director of

Chelsea Shearer

Executive Assistant
& Office Manager

Interested in sponsorship with KWUA

If your company is interested in becoming a sponsor for KWUA, please reach out to our office or call us today. We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential partnerships and collaboration.

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