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Klamath Project 2018 Contractors Meeting

Presented by Klamath County, the Oregon Water Resource Department, and Klamath Water Users Association
Klamath County Fairgrounds: Exhibit  Building #2
February 20, 2018
1:00 PM

This first meeting is being held so that Klamath County, the Oregon Water Resources Department, and KWUA may bring contractors of the Klamath Reclamation Project current information about the 2018 Irrigation season. As irrigation districts and their patrons are preparing for the upcoming season, current hydrology, possible options available, and the process for taking advantage of those options is important information for district and on-farm operations. The goal is to keep the districts and Project patrons as informed as possible as we enter the 2018 season.


 Hydrologic Overview                                                 Scott White, KWUA

On-Project Groundwater Use                                     Tom Paul, OWRD

Community and Economic Perspective                      Donnie Boyd, County Commissioner

Klamath Water Users Perspective                              Scott White    

 Open Questions and Comments

Each presenter will be available at designated talking stations to address any concerns, particular questions, or listen to idea’s that may help in the 2018 irrigation season.

For more information: Please contact KWUA at (541) 883-6100