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Position 4
KWUA board members:
Gary Wright & Mike Byrne

Shasta View ID & Malin ID

Position 5

KWUA board members:

Rob Unruh & Ryan Hartman

Tulelake Irrigation District

Position 1

KWUA board members:

Brad Kirby & Kraig Beasly

At -Large

Position 10

KWUA board members:

Tricia Hill & Steve Kandra


Position 11

KWUA board members:

Ben DuVal & Bob Gasser

Klamath Drainage District & Midland ID

Position 3

KWUA board members:

Luther Horsley & Frank Anderson

Klamath Basin Improvement District

Position 9

KWUA board members:

Ryan Kliewer & George Rajnus 

Klamath Irrigation District 

Position 2

KWUA board members:

Jerry Enman & Tyler Martin

District of Ady & Pioneer District

Position 8

KWUA board members:

Curt Mullis & Jason Flowers

Our Members

Van Brimmer, Westside & Sunnyside ID

Position 7

KWUA board members:

Marc Staunton & Dave Jensen

Poe Valley ID

Position 6

KWUA board members:

Luke Robison & Jason Chapman


Malin and Shasta View Irrigation Districts have an opening for District Manager. Manager will have to live in Malin area. Will need to be well organized, keep good records of water deliveries, have good communication skills, be willing to represent the districts at water meetings, be able to operate open water delivery system & pressurize water system, operate equipment, and be in charge of all maintenance.

Wage D.O. E

For applications call or email Luke

(530) 640-0412

Applications due 2/15/2019